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To fend off the light coming at an angle at sunrise or sundown, this system can move up to 170 degrees down. As it is modular to be used with acrylic, screen or vinyl fabrics, a large logo can be painted on it to perform as a great advertisement for any business. It can either be controlled manually or remotely in a company with solar/wind sensors, it delivers a huge comfort. Calypso is truly a solution for homes, businesses, restaurants, summer homes etc, wherever you like to have it.

For this product, a special long bolted gear reducer is used The set are by default not painted. The price difference for painting the sets is 3 tl per set. The Calypso Arm lengths are (50/ 75/ 100/ 125/ 150/ 170/ 200) If the arms are desired to be slanted, the price difference is 10 tl per arm The Calypso sets can only be obtained as 5 sets per package 5 year Guaranty ( In compliance with İnternational standarts ISO 9001 and CE certificate)


With a wide range of color and fabric options, Calypso will definitely adapt to any design environment. Any applied logo design on the fabric will raise brand awareness. The ability to use this product to hinder sunlight coming at lower degrees will widen your area of use and comfort of you and your customers. Remote and manual options can be applied. 2 years of warranty for the system and 5 years for the motor. The water proof fabric types will protect from rain as well.


Solar protection against sunlight for low angles with up to 170 degrees of inclination. 

The waterproof imported acrylic fabric protects from rain as well.