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The Pandora is completely impenetrable by weather conditions. The cassette design protects the whole system from possibly bad weather conditions and evironment effects like dust, thus prolongs the lifespan of the awning and keeps it clean. It can be used with a remote control or manually. A wide variety of frames, acrylic fabrics and color options raise the quality of your area. Solar and wind sensors can be added to ensure comfort without compromise.


Enables the use of exterior areas in rainy or sunny environments It creates joyous areas at your gardens and exterior places. Can be controlled remotely or manually. Solar or wind sensors can be added. Reflects your style with imported acrylic fabric. Aluminum frame provides longevity of your awning. Spots can be added for illumination purposes. The imported acrylic fabric doesn't decay easily and is waterproof. 


  • Enables usage of exterior areas in sunny days.
  • Protects from rain
  •  Provides aesthetics outside with limitless color options.