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Sirius is an optimal solution for you to enjoy your exterior areas in summer and winter, as it creates ideal designs in your terrace, garden, cafe or restaurant. Sirius is a must for those who want to extend their living areas and protect themselves from sun in summer and rain/snow in winter. What remains for you is to enjoy this comfort. 

 Supporting rail profile

 The rails used in this system have the dimensions of 70x150x2-2,2 mm diameter thickness, 3 hollow areas and are produced with high quality aluminum. In case a longer extension is desired, a rail profile of 70x150x2,5 mm diameter with 7 hollow areas for extensions up to 7 meters. Another option is the profile with dimensions of 120x150x2,5 mm diameter with 8 hollow areas for larger extension possibilities. • Every section of the system consists of two supporting rail profiles and can be up to 375 cm wide. The hollow areas of the rail allow for different constructional solutions like steel beam support, tension rod montage etc. The side flaps on the rail are gutters that makes the system waterproof. The rail doesn't contain any imperfection that would allow for dust or dirt formation.


•The system has special plastic housed power led lights with at least 360 lumen. The color code for the color is 3000K. The power leds are LG brand. The special housing for the lights ensure a large area to be lit, thus creating a nice ambiance inside. 

Connection metal sheets and screws

• All screws, nuts and metal sheets used in the system are stainless. The metal sheets are galvanized steel, that subsequently are painted with powder coating technique in a color that is desired by the customer. 

Blackout fabric 

A fabric to endure all kinds of weather conditions and water, produced of developed pvc blocks, %65 polyester and %33 cotton, which is why it is used in hotels, hospitals and exhibition salons to completely black out the sunlight. It does eliminate any sun light entering the area and keeps the area beneath it cold. Thus it is used widely for awnings etc.. The fabric is by default in a 3d texture and doesn't offer many color options, yet is tremendously stable. In most cases it last much longer then expected. It is water and sun proof, doesn't create odors or moss.

Water Gutter 

 A 160x126x2,2 mm front post is used as water gutter. The gutter connects the supporting rails and the pillars. This point forms the end for the blackout fabric. The water will be drained from the Ø50 hole into the pillars.

Retracting motor

 The motors used in this system are Becker motors of German origin, which is controlled remotely with radio frequency control. The motors have 5 years warranty. It is mounted to the front gutter profile side, and as the motor provides a brake mechanism to stop the system from falling back. It runs on 11 rpm and IP44 safety class 868,3MHz frequency.

• The motor can be stopped or moved at the desired point, and it also features one click opening/closing completely automatically.

• Complementary to the retractable automation system, a trigger belt of European origin is used to make the system lean and tense.

• There is also a power led system implemented to each panel, which can be controlled remotely and seperately.The main support for the system is made of aluminum, fixed to the ground by steel anchorage and steel jacks. The circumference of the system supports installation of vertical store (motored, transparent mica and retractable), zip blinds, tempered glass systems or sliding glass systems to create 


The Sirius allows you to use you exterior areas every season of the year. Provides heat insulation with blackout fabric. Optional oval Pergola for larger inner volume. All metal parts are made of aluminum and allow for countless color options. The motored automation system can be controlled remotely or with a button. One can easily ventilate the inner area without letting the sunlight in. With soft-led options, illumination of various ambitions is completely possible. The whole system has 5 years warranty. The modular aluminum profiles allow for blinds, glass systems, zip blinds and wintent systems around the hole circumference


Provides a great comfort in sunny and hot days. 

Modularity enables installation of blinding systems all around the system to create a completely comfortable area. 

Fire proof fabric lowers the risk of a fire to 

Enables you to use you exterior areas in rainy weathers