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Appealing aesthetics combine with robust quality to create a wonderful solution for every kind of weather with retractable aluminum louvres to fend off the heat in summer, and the cold in winter. Especially in places where the snow can easily become a problem for any conservative solution, the sturdy panels can carry a large amount of snow. Natural heat insulation is assured with air or polyurethane insulating material inside the panels. This way the panels ensure pleasing and energy saving temperatures even outdoors.

 Panel profile

The panels used in this systems have the dimensions 43x283x2 mm diameter thickness, 3 hollow areas and are produced using high quality aluminum

• The whole system can be controlled remotely very simply. The design, ability to be retracted or stopped half- way, limitless color options and complete construction pf aluminum make the Titan a high-tier patented engineering wonder.mühendislik harikasıdır.

Supporting rail profile

The rails used in this system have the dimensions of 100x150x2- 2,5 mm diameter thickness, 9 hollow areas and are produced with high quality aluminum to allow for a maximum of 7 meters of forward extension. .

• Every section of the system consists of two supporting rail profiles and can be up to 375 cm wide. The hollow areas of the rail allow for different constructional solutions like steel beam support, tension rod montage etc. The side flaps on the rail are gutters that makes the system waterproof. The rail doesn't contain any imperfection that would allow for dust or dirt formation.

• Sistemin Silicon gaskets on each side of the rail prevent any water or air to leak into the system.

Connection metal sheets and screws

All screws, nuts and metal sheets used in the system are stainless. The metal sheets are galvanized steel, that subsequently are painted with powder coating technique in a color that is desired by the customer.

Front pillars and post profiles

 The pillars and post profiles are of the dimensions 120x80x2,20 mm diameter, have two canals on each side (front and rear) and drains the water internally. The canals allow for an easy installation of the pillars to the ground. That way, one doesn't need to bore holes into the profiles as the canals can be used with nuts and screws for connections. The connection between the pillars and post is done the same way with the canals and laser cut metal lamellas. The vertical pillar contains a Ø 50 hole in the lower part to ease water drainage. It complements the whole design of the system. At the same time, the horizontally used post will be used to adjust t h e h e i g h t d i f f e r e n c e b e twe e n t h e fro n t a n d r e ar o f t h e syst em.

Retracting motor

 The motors used in this system are Becker motors of German origin, which is controlled remotely with radio frequency control. The motors have 5 years warranty. It is mounted to the front gutter profile side, and as the motor provides a brake mechanism to stop the system from falling back. It runs on 11 rpm and IP44 safety class 868,3MHz frequency.

• The motor can be stopped or moved at the desired point, and it also features one click opening/closing completely automatically.

• Complementary to the retractable automation system, a trigger belt of European origin is used to make the system lean and tense. There is also a power led system implemented to each panel, which can be controlled remotely and seperately.

• The circumference of the system supports installation of vertical store (motored, transparent mica and retractable), zip blinds, tempered glass systems or sliding glass systems to create places for all seasons.

Water Gutter

 The gutter system of the Titan was specially utilized to circumvent the whole panel systems that reach out, to provide protection of water. The diameter is 120x200x200 mm and is simply inserted between the post and pillars of the system and stabilized using screws and nuts. The water will be led to the pillars, which drain the water from the Ø 50 hole below.


The Titan allows you to use you exterior areas every season of the year. The hollow areas in the panels create heat insulation. All metal parts are made of aluminum and allow for countless color options. The motored automation system can be controlled remotely or with a button. One can easily ventilate the inner area without letting the sunlight in. With soft-led options, illumination of various ambitions is completely possible. The whole system has 5 years warranty. The modular aluminum profiles allow for blinds, glass systems, zip blinds and wintent systems around the hole circumference.